Aventures by Jean Kalistrate

Jean Kalistrate was an artist for French comic and pocket books during the 1960s and 1970s. He made his first appearance in the pages of Bayard in the 1950s, using the pseudonym Kolomi or Kalomi. He took over the Spanish series 'Le Petit Prince', that appeared in the Aventures & Voyages title Totem, in 1957. He was associated with the publisher Édi-Europ in the 1960s and worked on titles like 'Bill Barnes'.
He worked almost exclusively for Éditions de Lutèce from 1966 to 1973. He drew 'Patate et ses amis' in Patate (1967) and the jungle comic 'Tchor la jungle' in Yéti (1968). He ventured into the pirate and SF genres with contributions to Corsaires et Flibustiers and Inter-Planètes. Features by Kalistrate include 'Super Gars' (script by Damian) in Andoche, 'David et Goliath' in Les cahiers de l'Aventure, 'G. Duflair' and 'L'Enfant aux Serpents' in Nic et Loup.

Super Gars by Jean Kalistrate
Super Gars

Several of his stories were reprinted in the Rhodos Presse titles Lüger and Rio Apache in the 1970s. He also contributed to this publisher's titles Scotch and Boomerang. Kalistrate additionally drew for the comic books published by Éditions Populaires Mondiales and Librairie Moderne. Among the many titles he worked for are 'Pirates et Conquistadors', '2e Bureau contre Gestapo', 'Guerre et Maquis', 'Le journal des Cossards', 'Mon Aventure', 'Mon roman filmé', 'Robin des Bois', 'Les trappeurs de l'Arkansas', 'Les Chouans' and 'Quentin Durward'.
Kalistrate has additionally made illustrations for postcards and for magazines in the Arabian language like Al Foursan and Doumia Al Abdah. No further activities are known from after the 1970s.

Cover for Junior Aventures by Jean Kalistrate

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