Katie's Wee Do Puzzle, by John Kloss

Jahn Kloss (also referred to as John Kloss) has been active as an editorial cartoonist in Sacramento, California, since the 1980s. His art has appeared in several of the local papers and magazines, including the State Hornet (1980s) and the Sacramento New and Review (since 1989). He is the author of 'Caught in the KlossFire', one of California's longest running weekly newspaper editorial cartoon features. In addition, he and Barry Loncke created an educational Sunday newspaper strip called 'Katie's Wee Do Puzzle'. It was distributed by Creators Syndicate until 20 May 2001, and was credited to John Kloss and the "Loncke family". Kloss has also taught at area colleges as an adjunct professor in sociology and art. He is also an art commissioner in West Sacramento.

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