Pijpje Drop, by P. Koenen

P. Koenen was the illustrator of the 'Pijpje Drop' comic, that was published in the 1930s in De Automaat, a weekly magazine of the Petrolea oil company in The Hague that sold petrol from door to door. 'Pijpje Drop' was a little black boy, and his adventures were later collected in at least six books, with a page consisting of one drawing and a text in rhyme. The comic gives a very stereotypical view of black people (the main character is called "Little Stick of Liquorice"), and is set in a strange world with palmtrees and black police officers in British uniforms.

Postcard by P. Koenen

Little is known about the authors of the strip. The writer is only known by his initials (A.S.-D.) and no first name is known of the artist, Koenen. P. Koenen has however also drawn some prints during the 1930s. If anyone can tell us more about this artist, we would be very grateful. Send biographical details, strips published, comic links or scans to Lambiek by email.

Selfportrait, by P. Koenen
Although the artist remains a mystery, the looks of artist Koenen can be seen in above episode of Pijpje Drop

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