The Battle of Red Cliff, by Liu Xijong

Liu Xijong was a native of Fencheng County, Shanxi province, and a member of the Chinese Artists Association. From 1935 to 1942, he taught at the Jinghua Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing. In 1953 he joined the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, where he devoted practically all of his time to the producing of comic strips. He was especially good at depicting historical themes and over the years has illustrated such popular stories from histaory as 'The Lover's Tomb', 'Hulao Pass', 'The Two Shi's Fight for Glory' and 'The Battle of Red Cliff'. In 1958 he was transferred to the Guangxi Institute of Art at Nanning where he taught as a lecturer until his death in 1973. His speciality was traditional-style landscape painting. Exhibitions of his works have been held in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.

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