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Los Tres was a Dutch art collective that existed from 1999 until approximately 2002. It consisted of Cristina García Martin, Klink and Luis Mendo, full time designers who used their spare time to make comics. On a garden party in Amsterdam in 1999 they decided they should start a fully independent comic. Luis' and Cristina's Spanish cultural comic heritage and Klink's Dutch "polder-mentality" resulted in the first issue after just a few months. They have published several of their own 'Los Tres' comics since then and have worked on a number of small projects in between publications.

Artwork by Los Tres

Cristina García Martin (Spain, 1974) is a freelance illustrator and animator, who works through her Amsterdam-based studio All Things Moving. Klink (The Netherlands, 1974) is the pen name of Arjen Klinkenberg. Both he and Luis Mendo (Salamanca, Spain - 24/11/1969) have worked for graphic design agency Lava. Klink is currently creative manager at def., a design studio for magazines. Mendo works as editorial design consultant, and is principal at design agency GOOD Inc. in Amsterdam as well as Design Director of the PechaKucha organisation in Tokyo.

comic art by Los Tres

The Legend of Los Tres according to Los Tres:
"Los Tres came to be on a curious day, when it was particularly chilly in the Netherregions of Hell and there were pigs spotted flying across the western part of Europe. The legend goes the three were put in a basket and set in the river Tiber. After many adventures in which they slayed the Great Frog of Paris and conquered the mighty Mongroll of Montfoort they drifted into the city they still call their home today: Amsterdam. Here they were hailed as the Salvation, the Lord's Promise and as a possible good mambo quartet (with their trusty dog Pepe on drums). But modest as they are, they denounced their rightful claim to the Throne of Humankind and started making comics because, well, you gotta do sum'thin'!"

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