L'√Čtoile, by Moebius

Although Jean Giraud was already a well-known comic artist with his hard-boiled western series 'Blueberry', he built an entire second career under the pen name Moebius. The Moebius name first popped up in 1963, in a series of short stories published in Hara-Kiri. In later years, Moebius would become world-famous for his science fiction, artistic and erotic art. He is admired for his many collaborations with Alejandro Jodorowsky, like the wordless comix fantasy 'Arzach', and for his numerous works for Métal Hurlant. Starting in 1969, Moebius made a series of science fiction illustrations for Opta, which marked the beginning of Giraud's exploits outside the mainstream.

In the following years, Moebius appeared in L'Écho des Savanes with 'Cauchemar Blanc', at Éditions du Fromage with 'Le Bandard Fou', and in Pilote with 'L'Homme est-il Bon?'. In 1975, Moebius, along with Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Druillet and Bernard Farkas, co-founded Les Humanoïdes Associés and launched Métal Hurlant, the immensely influential French comics magazine of the 1970s. It was in Métal Hurlant, for example, where Moebius first serialized 'Arzach'. Moebius and Jodorowsky have been called the masters of science fiction ever since, and that is probably why they were asked to assist in the making of various famous sci-fi movies, like 'Dune'.

cover for Metal Hurlant 1, by Moebiuscover for Metal Hurlant 6, by Moebius

Also for Métal Hurlant, Moebius/Gir produced works like 'Le Garage Hermétique', 'The Long Tomorrow', 'Double Évasion' and 'Citadelle Aveugle'. With Jodorowsky, he created the futuristic detective 'John Difool' in 1980. After a first saga published in six volumes by Les Humanoïdes between 1981 and 1988, Moebius handed over the graphical duties of this series to his student Zoran Janjetov.

art by Moebius

From 1983, Moebius was also active in merchandising his properties. He co-founded the Aedena company and settled in Los Angeles. During his stay in the USA, he saw his most important works published by Marvel. He also illustrated an episode of 'Silver Surfer' by Stan Lee, and cooperated with Jean-Marc Lofficier on the scripts of 'The Elsewhere Prince and 'The Onyx Overlord', respectively drawn by Eric Shanower and Jerry Bingham. Under his Aedena label, he produced the portfolio 'La Cité-Feu' with Geoff Darrow, and scripted 'La Nuit de l'Étoile' for Marc Bati. Also with Bati, he made 'Cristal Majeur' at Dargaud, a series that was later retitled to 'Altor'.

art by Moebius

In 1989, he returned to Europe, where he began a collaboration with the magazine À Suivre. Besides the scripts for the 'Jim Cutlass' series under his own name, he began the cycle 'Le Monde d'Edena', a series that originated in the story 'Sur l'Étoile', a 1983 promotional comic for Citroen. In 1992, he worked with Jodorowsky again on 'Le Coeur Couronné', a graphic novel for Les Humanoïdes Associés, which was continued in the 'La Folle du Sacré-Coeur' series.

comic art by Moebius

In 1994, he began a new version of Winsor McCay's classic 'Little Nemo' series, drawn by Bruno Marchand, and took on 'Mr. Mouche' with Coudray. He also made 'L'Homme de Ciguri', the long awaited sequel of 'Le Garage Hermétique'. He subsequently participated in collective projects and wrote 'Ikaru' for Jiro Taniguchi in the Japanese magazine Morning. Moebius joined Jodorowsky yet again for the erotic one-shot 'Griffes d'Ange' in 1995 and a new cycle called 'Après l'Incal', published by Les Humanoïdes from 2000. A new 'Arzak' book appeared in 2010,  'Arzak: L'Arpenteur', as the first of a planned trilogy to explore the origin of the character.

art by Moebius

In addition to his large comics and illustration output, Moebius remained active for the cinema as well. He has done storyboards for among others Disney's 1980 film 'Tron', and in 1985, he did the scripts, backgrounds and costume design for the 'Little Nemo' feature film in Tokyo. In the 1990s, he worked on film projects like 'Starwatcher' and a movie adaptation of 'Le Garage Hermétique', which remained unreleased due to financial problems. It was a great loss when Jean Giraud, widely known as Moebius, passed away in Paris on the morning of 10 March 2012, at the age of 73.

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