Editorial comic by Albert Monteys
Comic strip from El Jueves 1867 (March 2013).

Spanish comic artist Albert Monteys was born in Barcelona, where he also studied Fine Arts at the University. He published his first newspaper comic strip in 1990 and subsequently made drawings for roleplaying magazines like Líder. Also in the 1990s, Monteys was a member of the art collective La Penya, together with Álex Fito, Ismael Ferrer and José Miguel Álvarez. The group created the magazine Mondo Lirondo and produced its scripts and art. After that, Glénat (Spain) published a compilation of all the issues including some additional contents.

Carlitos Fax, by Albert Monteys
'Carlitos Fax'.

Also in the mid-1990s, Monteys became a regular contributor to humorous weekly El Jueves. He created series such as 'Paco's Bar', 'Tato, Con Moto y Sin Contrato' and, teaming up with Manel Fontdevila, '¡Para ti, que eres joven!'. He has been on the editorial board of El Jueves since 1998, and was its director from 2006 to 2011. He has brought artists like Darío Adanti, José Luis Ágreda, Lalo Kubala, Pedro Vera and Bernardo Vergara to the magazine.

Monteys has also contributed to the other magazines by El Jueves' publisher. He was director of Puta Mili during its final year in 1997 and when the publisher launched the children's magazine Míster K, Monteys contributed 'Carlitos Fax', a series featuring a low-level robot in a crazy future world. In addition, Monteys has been editor and coordinator for Penthouse Comix and Zona X, while publishing his more personal projects with Camaleón Ediciones, such as 'Calavera Lunar' (1996).

Tato by Albert Monteys
'Tato' (El Jueves 1867, March 2013).

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