De uitvinding van den Admiraal, by R.J. van Neervoort

R.J. van Neervoort has created two comics that were collected in one album in the collection Nederlandse Kinderbibliotheek of the publishing house Helmond in 1939. It collected 'De Uitvinding van den Admiraal' and 'De Avonturen van Jan Zeedijk in Amerika'. The latter appeared in regional papers like Utrechts Nieuwsblad from 14 February 1939 to 29 May 1940 and in De Gooi- en Eemlander between 14 March and 17 July 1940.

Van Neervoort's marine's strip 'Jan Zeedijk' was created before World War II, but wasn't completed in the papers until after the German invasion. This resulted in some strange contrasts with reality. While the hero was awarded for his courage and bravery during the final episodes, the paper that ran the story headlined those same issues with news about the bombing of Rotterdam and of the installation of Seyss-Inquart as Reichskommissar of the Netherlands.

De uitvinding van den Admiraal, by R.J. van Neervoort (14 March 1940)

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