Haro by Prik
A 1979 episode, published in the extreme-right magazine Haro. The second image caricatures Flemish politician Hugo Schiltz, the third image U.S. President Jimmy Carter and the fourth image philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and actress Brigitte Bardot. Note the misspelling of the words "joernalisten" (should be: "journalisten") and "Persisch" (should be: "Perzisch"), which are quite odd mistakes for a publication advocating the Dutch language in Belgium...

Prik was a Belgian cartoonist, who was active for far-right publications in the 1970s. He debuted in November 1974 in Alarm, the monthly magazine of the extreme-right Flemish-nationalistic militant order VMO (who would eventually be forced to disband in 1981 for being a private militia and various violent and vandalist actions). Prik's first drawings were stop comics and one-pagers. In 1977 some members of Alarm felt that even this magazine wasn't radical enough and established the equally far-right monthly magazine Haro. Prik was one of its co-founders. In each issue he published a comic page and a satirical current affairs section, presented as a TV show. Naturally it presented all its topics from an ultra-conservative and often racist point of view. This comic strip was not-so-subtly imitated and occasionally plagiarized by R.H. Edwards as 'Leagueorama' in the British extreme-right magazine League Review.

A collection of his work appeared under the title 'Kraaiepoten' (1978), which also contained work by cartoonists like Marchal, Korbo, Gommer and Julius. Prik's work also appeared in magazines from France (L'Immonde), Germany (Gäck), Austria (Aktuell), Spain (La Voz de la Rata Negra) and Switzerland (Rat Noir). From the 1980s on his work appeared in the low-budget publication Inzet.

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