comic art by Miroslav Schönberg

Miroslav Schönberg is one of the main representatives of the new generation of Czech comic artists who emerged after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Trained as a painter-decorator, Schoenberg initially wanted a become a realistic illustrator, but he eventually shifted to humorous drawing in the francophone tradition. He contributed his first comics to the SF fanzine Trifid and the magazines Ohníček (Campfire) and Pionýrská stezka (Pioneer Trail) in 1987-88.

He is a regular contributor to Ohníček and Skaut-Junák (Boy-Scout) and he has created comics such as 'Maceta', 'Zlaté Stene', 'Maly pirat', 'Hank van Hult a vetrelec X', 'Tarzan' and 'Indiana Jones'. One of his most notable stories is 'Pirátuv odkaz' ('Pirate legacy'), about a remarkable racehorse during the Nazi occupation.

comic art by Miroslav Schönberg

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