El Titi by Mariel
'El Titi'. 

Mariel Soria, who is better known by her first name alone, was born in Jujuy (Argentina) She worked in the field of animated cartoons for ten years and then she moved to Barcelona (Spain) where she teamed up with writer Andrés Martín to produce some comics for children. They did 'Joanot Trobador' for Cavall Fort magazine, and the series 'Pablito y su zoo' for Bruguera publisher.

Pablito y su Zoo, by Mariel Soria (1977)
'Pablo y su Zoo'. 

In the second half of the 1970s they plunged into adult comics like the mystery stories they did for magazine Troya, the series 'Bruc-2', the long story 'Python Trip' and two series they did for humorous weekly El Jueves: 'Sam Balluga' and 'Contactos'. In addition they published some scattered works in adult comic magazines like Totem, Creepy, El Víbora, Metropol (where they continued 'Sam Balluga'), Zona 84, and Thriller (where they did 'El Titi'). 

Un Dia Huire, by Mariel Soria
'Una Dia Huire'.

Later on Soria worked without A. Martín as a companion in such publications as TBO, the collective book 'Los Derechos de la Mujer' and El Jueves. For the latter, Mariel and writer Manuel Barceló collaborated on 'Mamen'. This series, which featured a sexually disinhibited woman, is the longest-running series that Mariel has ever done. In addition to their professional relationship, Mariel Soria and Andreu Martín were a married couple.

Mamen, by Mariel Soria

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