Kees en Keetje, by Cor Stork

H. M. Damen, who used the pen name Cor Stork, was the artist of several comics for magazines like Okidoki/Jumbo and Okido during the second half of the 1940s. His main series were 'Jip, Tip en Flip' and 'Kees en Keetje'.

Kees en Keetje, by Cor Stork
Kees en Keetje (Okidoki, 1948)

Stories by Damen include 'Bengels uit Kabouterland' (Jumbo/Okido, 1939-41), 'Don Quichote' (Jumbo, 1940-41), 'De Zwarte Draak' (Jumbo, 1940-41), 'Met Jip, Tip en Flip door de Wildernis' (Jumbo, 1941), 'Verloren in de Wildernis' (Jumbo, 1941), 'Kees en Keetje op de Boerderij' (Jumbo, 1941), 'Het Grote Avontuur van Kees en Keetje' (Okido, 1942), and 'De Zwerftocht van Kees en Keetje' (Okido, 1942). Wereas earlier stories of 'Kees en Keetje' were balloon strips, the characters were featured in a series of text strips in Okidoki in 1947-48.

Kees en Keetje, by Cor Stork

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