The Reborn Legends, by Adam Swiecki

Adam Swiecki was born in Zambrow, Poland. He is a graduate of the architecture faculty at Bialystok Politechnic and the author of the comics series 'The Reborn Legends' that presents commonly unknown or forgotten Polish legends. The series is published by the Polish company Studio Domino Ltd. and consists of the following parts 'Dziewanna', 'Lewiatom' and 'Szeptucha'.

comic by Adam Swiecki

His various comics appear in magazines Znakomiks (Poland), Myx and SFeerie (Holand). He also contributes to the work of other artists by adding colours to such comics as 'Schnuurt Remastereed' by Koen Hotentot, 'Alice In Wanderland' by Frank Brunner or 'Pozdrowienia z interstrefy' by Rafala Szlapa.

comic by Adam Swiecki

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