Boz Aygirli by Mehmet Tekdal
Adaptation of Dede Korkut tale Boz Aygirli

Turkish comic artist Mehmet Tekdal began his career in the puzzle magazine Bilmece in 1944 with the story 'Şişkoz-Afacanlar Başkanı. In 1945 he was present in Çocuk Haftası (Children's Week) with illustrations for the tale 'Altın Balta'. In that same year, he produced a Turkish serial with 'Son of Tarzan'. This was followed by several historical and mythical epics, including adaptations of Dede Korkut tales.

In the 1950s he was present in Ceylan with 'Beyaz Atlı Sipahi', 'Esir Yusuf' and 'Türkler Geliyor'. He was publisher of Roket, Turkey's first 3D comics magazine, in 1955. Tekdal continued to work for Turkish magazines until the early 1970s. He eventually emigrated to Germany.

Son of Tarzan by Mehmet Tekdal
Son of Tarzan

Blog about Turkish Son of Tarzan comics

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