comic panel by Eric Theriault

Eric Thériault was born in 1967 in Trois-Rivieres, Canada. He is the cartoonist and publisher of the comic book 'Veena'. Until his first American publication in 1992 in Dennis Eichhorn's Real Stuff (Fantagraphics), he had a long history of fanzine and small press publishing in his native province of Québec.

He began self-publishing in 1982 with Meteor, a French-language anthology zine done with Stephane Sicard. Meteor changed names on more than one occasion, and it was under the name Krypton that it received financing from a Montreal college, where Eric was studying graphic design. From 1985 to '88, Krypton housed a number of very creative artists coming from the fine art department. It was in that creative milieu that Krypton was able to make a departure from the super-heroes and humor typical of zines. Krypton stopped publishing in 1988, after having made a small mark in a downtown scene where other college artists like Valium and Julie Doucet where beginning to be better known.

Afterwards, Eric Thériault contributed stories to other zines and comics, including Rectangle, Veto, Blue Cat Comic, Zeppelin, Solaris, MacTinTac and Safarir. He returned to self-publishing with two mini-comic titles: 'XL5' (1989-1990) and 'Veena' (1991-1995).

He began translating these comics into English and publishing in nearby Ontario in Comix Compendium (Mangajin Books), 'Reactor Girl' (Michel Vrana's Tragedy Strike Press) and then in the USA: 'Melody', 'Flock of Dreamers' (Kitchen Sink), 'The Jam' (Caliber) and 'Real Stuff' (Fantagraphics). Although most of this work could be placed in the "alternative" genre, Thériault has also done some ghosting and inking work on 'Badger' (with Denis Rodier), 'Captain Canuck' (Leonard Kirk), 'Angloman' (Gabriel Morrissette), and 'Robotech' (Michel Lacombe). He has also published in France ('Plein La Gueule Pour Pas un Rond', 'Kollectiv') and Serbia ('Patagonija'). Among his other mainstream credits are 'Tales of the Ninja Turtles' for Mirage Studios and a 'Johnny Dollar' adaptation for Moonstone Books in 2003.

After such a long time contributing to other people's publications, he felt it was time to have his own solo comic book. In early 1999, Veena changed format from mini-comic to full-size comic book. Veena is self-published and was distributed by Diamond Comics Distribution and FM International. It is now solely available through Cold Cut.

Veena, by Eric Thériault

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