Aux Frontières du Quaternaire, by Trap

Patrick Cerf, who works under the pseudonym Trap, was born in Lyon. He studied Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1988, where he met his future scenarist Nicolas Hubesch. They started cooperating regularly, at first self-publishing their work, later with several jobs for the press. They created several series with strange names, such as 'Les Invasions Inconséquentes', 'Aventures Inopinées', 'Pigeon's Club' and 'La Seule Vraie Méthode de Bande-Dessinée à Distance des professeurs Hübsch et Trap'. The publishing house Milan has published their series 'Aux Frontières du Quaternaire'. Trap lives and works in Saint-Gilles, near Brussels. He also does illustration work.

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