Jovem Branco, by Wilson Vieira

Wilson Vieira, born in São Paulo, is best known for his work for the Italian comics market during the 1970s. He settled in Italy in 1973, where he continued his studies in history and archaeology, and where he commenced an education at the Lorenzo de Medici Art Institute in Florence. He did his first comics work through the Staff di IF ("Immagini e Fumetti") in Genova. He contributed to several Italian and foreign publishers, making stories with 'La Furia del West', 'L'Uomo-Ragno', 'FF Quattro', 'Tarzan', 'Diabolik', 'Hondo', 'Davy Crockett', 'El Tigre', 'Il Corsaro Nero', 'Jack', 'Coyote' and many other characters.

cover by Wilson Vieiracover by Wilson Vieira

He additionally illustrated stories with 'Il Piccolo Ranger', being the first Brazilian artist to work for Bonelli publishers. He also contributed to well-known magazines like Il Monello ('Qui Commissario Norton') and Intrepido ('Paris Jour'). Between 1978 and 1980, he worked through the publishing house Epierre, and drew for publications like Kiwi, Amok, Pecos Bill, Dusy and Collana Telefumetto.

Vieira returned to Brazil in 1980. In the following year, he became a teacher at the Disegno Artistico e Fumetti. He has also translated dozens of 'Ken Parker' episodes for his country, and in 2000, he created and scripted the Brazilian saga 'Cangaceiros - Homens de Couro' (art by Eugenio Colonnese), as well as the western mini-series 'Gringo'.

Il Piccolo Ranger, by Wilson Vieira

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