comic art by S. Clay Wilson

S. Clay Wilson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1941. He attended the University of Kansas and was later trained as a medic in the Army. During his student days, he was a regular contributor to the University Daily Kansan student newspaper. He held several odd jobs and eventually moved to San Francisco in 1968, where he met up with Robert Crumb and contributed comic work to Crumb's comic, 'Zap'.

From Zap Magazine, by S. Clay Wilson

Wilson has been praised by his friends in the American underground comix comix for leading the charge against the barriers encountered when expressing oneself in art. In other words, once you have read Wilson's work, nothing will shock you anymore. Wilson's best work exaggerates and stresses the grotesque, as can be seen in his most famous works 'The Checkered Demon' and 'Ruby the Dyke'. Today, Wilson is still charging those pitiful and battered barriers with his shameless and intense art. In recent years, he has magnificently illustrated various books, mostly fairy tales.

comic art by S. Clay Wilson

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