Comic art by Dennis Wojda
'The Thief and the Kid' ('Dryblas z dzieckiem').

Dennis Wojda was born in Stockholm in 1973, but lives and works in Poland. He is mainly a writer, but also an illustrator. He has collaborated with some of Poland's top illustrators including Tomasz Lesniak, Sebastian Skrobol, Jakub Rebelka and Przemyslaw Truscinski.

In 1994, he wrote his first story for illustrator Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz whom he met at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts while studying graphic design. Together they created their most known comic about the strange town of Mikropolis. The series - inspired by David Lynch, German Expressionism and low-budget horrors - has been hailed as one of Poland's most important comics ever. It has been published in a long row of anthologies, magazines and newspapers including Fluide Glacial and Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland's biggest daily) and have also resulted in two books: 'The Tourist Guide' (2001 and 2008) and 'Mohair Dreams' (2002 and 2009).

Comic art by Dennis Wojda
'566 Frames' ('556 Kadrów)'.

Other comics created by Wojda and Gawronkiewicz include the surrealistic 'Tabula Rasa', set in an unreal Warsaw. Wojda also wrote a follow-up to 'Tabula Rasa', a metaphysical thriller illustrated by Krzysztof Ostrowski. The story was later published in book format as 'The Supernaturals – Miss Hofmokl's Shoe' ('Pantofel Panny Hofmokl', 2003).

In 2012 Wojda debuted as a book illustrator. Together with Polish writer Joanna Sanecka he created a comic entitled 'A European On The Road' on behalf of The Stefan Batory Foundation. The book has so far had a Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian edition.

Comic art by Dennis Wojda
'Shabiha/''Ghosts' (Shabiha/Duchy).

In 2011, Wojda started to work on his first graphic novel as a solo artist. What started as a webcomic/blog led to '566 Frames' (2013), a critically acclaimed book published in Poland and the UK.

Wojda has been awarded the Grand Prix twice at the Polish International Festival of Comics. He lives with his family in Warsaw, where he works as a designer.

Comic art by Dennis Wojda
'566 Frames' ('556 Kadrów').

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