Malam Semakin Kelam, by Zaldy

Zaldy Armendanis was born in Jakarta in 1945. He became a comic artist specializing in teenage romance comics. Between 1966 and 1971, he published about 60 titles. He worked slower than most comic artists in that era, needing one to one-and-a-half month to make a 64-pages album, but his drawings were more delicate. His sentimental stories, inspired by Hong Kong movies and personal experience, have had many faithful readers. Zaldy felt he gave a good model for young people, while fulfilling his needs to entertain and offering a more "romantic" viewpoint of reality. In this respect, he is similar to Jan Mintaraga; but he maintained his "eastern" style. Two of Zaldy's titles were made into movies: 'Setitik Air Mata buat Peter' ('A Drop of Tear for Peter'), adapted into 'Air Mata Kekasih' ('A Lover's Teardrop'), released in September 1971, and 'Fadjar di tengah Kabut' ('Dawn in the Mist)', adapted into 'Ratna', released in December 1971.

Setitik Air Mata Buat Peter, by ZaldyMalam Semakin Kelam, by Zaldy

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