Ceesepe - Tristesses de luxe (January 1987)

6 January 1987

The work of Spanish artist Ceesepe was exhibited in Galerie Lambiek in early 1987.

This was the second exhibition held at Galerie Lambiek. Ceesepe is a Spanish artist who started out making comics and later on became a painter. Inspired by Picasso and Miro he developed a modern style of his own and is one of the few artists who succesfully mixes modern and comic art.

Ceesepe's world is all about desire, adultry, Gitanes and nightlife, beautifully depicted by bright colorful paintings and aquarelles.

Ceesepe didn't have a formal graphic education. He published his first comics in the 1970s, in Spanish underground publications like Carajillo or Nasti de Plasti, or in magazines like Star. Later, he published in the legendary and revolutionary magazine El Víbora. Then in Metal Hurlant and Madriz. In 1982, 'Dibujos' appeared, and a year later 'Barcelona by Night' was published, in which he integrated a few comics. Inspired by Picasso and Miro, Ceesepe designed various record covers and movie posters. He has exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Japan and New York.