Liberatore exposition (February 1988)

26 February 1988

Tanino Liberatore, a notorious artist from Italy and the creator of robot RanXerox made a special exhibition for Galerie Lambiek.

It contained: sex, drugs and violence, with works from 'Frigidaire', 'Glamour' and RanXerox pages, we can be brief in saying that "it was mindblowing!" After the opening Liberatore stayed through the weekend to sign his books for his fans in the store.

Although the work of Tanino Liberatore could be called realistic, this Italian comic artist has elements that go far beyond the traditional boundaries of the realistic genre. With the strange settings of his stories and the unusual coloring (for instance with lipstick) Liberatore's work could also be called bizarre, an impression that is reinforced by his use of "ultra-violence".