Doury & Richard - Elles sont de sortie (June 1990)

16 June 1990

The French experimental comic artists Pascal Doury and Bruno Richard prepared a very special exhibition of paintings and objects in Galerie Lambiek.

In the days prior to the opening both artists created their work on the spot in our gallery.

Doury and Richard are mainly known for their work in ' Raw ' magazine and the art itself is closer to modern art than comic-art, considered the free expressive character of their drawings and the unconventional form and contents of their stories, by which they strongly innovated the meaning of the conception 'graphic novel'.

The exhibition showed 'comic art' that was previously unseen. Richard's raw etchy technic of working showed more exuberant abstract work and mainly explicit nudity and comic characters, while Doury's work is more childlike, clearlined and about love. His egg-headed wooden figures were a reoccuring theme.

This exposition followed after four years, when at the opening of Galerie Lambiek, works of all the Raw artists were shown, included Doury and Richard. Since then both comic artists achieved a prominent place in the international art circuit.