Will Eisner and his personal collection (June 1992)

13 June 1992

The exhibition at Galerie Lambiek was a personal choice by Eisner himself and included some Spirit-related artwork.

 Will Eisner can rightly be considered as the godfather of American comics, not only for adding 'The Spirit' to the long list of brilliant American comic strips, but especially for proving that comics can match literature and are not just a dubious means of entertainment for children (as many people thought in the 1950s). Eisner was a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York and wrote two standard works on the creative process of making comics, 'Comics and Sequential Art' and 'Graphic Storytelling'. In 1988, the Eisner Awards were established in his honor, and are presented every year at the annual Comic-Con in San Diego.

It wasn't the first time for Eisner to visit Galerie Lambiek, in 1985 he was here as well for a signing of his book 'A contract with God' which was translated into Yiddish (An Opmakh mit GOT) in 1983 by Lambiek Editions.