El Hortelano - New York City (September 1993)

3 September 1993

El Hortelano belongs to the new generation of Spanish painters, along with the recent exposer Ceesepe.

Not restrained by any medium or style, he creates paintings, graphic art, photo collages, video performances and literature. His work characterizes itself by a strong emotional commitment with his time and environment, a wild ability for association and a romantic melancholic soul.

Previously he had exhibitions in Gallery Moriarty (Madrid) and at de Fundacion Joan Miro (Barcelona). His 26-minute Koloroa video (music by Brian Eno) achieved world-wide fame as one of the first promotional clips for illustrative artists.

The exhibition in Galerie Lambiek showed the work El Hortelano had done in New York City where he worked and lived for two years (1987-89) thanks to a scholarship. The expo was called '144 Chambers Street #4, New York City, NY 10007'.

"The paintings are very baroque-like, like mystical machines".

Constructions, buildings of redemption, altars of emotion, saturated colours from a labyrinth. An inventory of speed, the iron and concrete, the sweetness and confusion of that time.

"It is what I've seen and experienced right there."

When looking at the paintings one does suspect that El Hortelano had another vision at the city of New York than the usual cliche of skyscrapers and the Brooklyn bridge.

Besides the paintings and a number of recently made prints, the much talked about Koloroa video was shown.