Liberation Exposition (April-May 1995)

28 April 1995

In April 1994 a special exposition opened at Galerie Lambiek with comics and other artwork made during wartime.

One of the exhibited works was the 'ABC's of the Nazi regime', that is still for display on our website. The text from the invitation was:

No.112. LATEST NEWS: 12 April 1995.

In May of 1945 the American and Canadian armies liberated The Netherlands from Nazi occupation.

This is celebrated at Lambiek on the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam with an exhibition of comics and hand-drawn propaganda, by the oppressor, the liberator, as well as the victims of tyranny.

Message ends. Oppression too.

No.113. BBC.

The opening isperformed by Erik Somers, archivist for The Netherlands Institute of War Documentation (NIOD) on Friday, 28 April 1995 through May (50 years).