Exhibition Johan de Moor (March-April 2000)

17 March 2000

From March 17 until the end of April 2000, Galerie Lambiek exhibited an overview of the work of Johan de Moor.

Johan de Moor is the son of the legendary Belgian comic artist Bob de Moor, known for e.g. Cori de Scheepsjongen, and of course his contributions to Hergé's Tintin. With his wonderful magic-realistic series Kasper and more recently the hilarious multi-genre comic spectacle Kobe de Koe - about a cow / secret agent / comic character who managed to save the world from its downfall up to now. Johan de Moor has risen from his father's shadow a long time ago, and is currently considered one of the most talented Belgian comic artists. Especially De Moor's refined collage style, in which he gives his apparent naïve graphics a refined depth, is praised by press, public and colleagues.

The exhibition put an accent on Johan de Moor's relation with Africa, a continent which has stolen the heart of this inhabitant of Brussels, and where he regularly lectures on the art of making comics.

The exhibition opened Friday March 17 at 18.00 hrs in the presence of the artist.