Peter de Wit Against the Wall (March 2002)

15 March 2002

We were delighted to host the exposition, 'Peter de Wit - Against the Wall', at Galerie Lambiek. The expositon opened with gala festivities on Friday, 15 March 2002, and was seen by many lucky visitors until the end of April 2002.

Lambiek thought it was about time for an overview of the work of this versatile Dutch artist. For the fans who are less psychologically stable there was a broad collection of 'Sigmund' artwork, as well as the possibility of visiting the waiting room of this infamous psychiatrist. Apart from 'Sigmund', the walls were graced by a colorful selection of work from Peter de Wit's illustrious career, including strips, covers, posters and postcards from 'De Familie Fortuin', 'Het Mooiste Vak ter Wereld', 'Theaterdier', 'Stampede', 'Chef' and 'Vader en Dochter'.

Peter de Wit is best known as the father of the Dutch newspaper strip about Sigmund, the morbid psychiatrist who has driven many patients to despair, and many readers of De Volkskrant newspaper to fits of laughter. But there is more to Peter de Wit than this - he has been one of the most productive comic artists in The Netherlands for almost two decades. He started his career in the eighties with funny comics in magazines such as Eppo, Sjosji and Taptoe, and has developed a recognizable graphic style and sharp, adult humor.