Presentation Kutlul 15

9 June 2023

Friday 9th of June, from 5 o' clock, Lambiek, Joost Halbertsma, Dirk Verschure and a small army of artists will be presenting the newest and final issue of Kutlul! Come join us to raise a glass to a great end to this mainstay of the Dutch underground!

For seven years Kutlul Magazine has threatened the status quo in both the Netherlands and Germany. Now, in this double issue, you can enjoy the works of the following lovely people:

Vera Bekema, Maarten van der Meer, Niels Kalk, Simeon van den Ende, Isabella Levanon, Peter Vianen, Oleg Orsolya, Marc Kolle, Karla Paloma, Ale Rodriguez, Geert Oosterhof, Larie Cook, Japio dela Hiti , Mat Pogo, Dick Verdult, Nora Below, Argibald, Richard Cowdry, Crippa Almqvist, Joris Bas Backer, Tessa Biemans, Jeroen Funke, Mykle Hansen, Al Burian, Geleéregen, Christopher Spirandio, Trazo Podrido, Marcel Ruijters, Rogier Smal, Dr. Neipold, Eugene von K, Mariana Rodriguez Acebal, Romig le Overle, Cristina Vives Brozgol, Paul Winck, Vincent Zurwesten, Sabine de Graaf, Alex Francke, Martien Bos, Daniele Murtas, Lilli Loge, Andy Leuenberger and of course Joost Halbertsma and Dirk Verschure!