series: 17 x 23
publisher: Nobrow
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 170x230mm
pages: 24:

Neglected by the government and with no heroic memories or loving family members to return to, the two weary soldiers seek solace in alcohol, drugs and nihilistic hedonism. Constantly haunted by nightmares of their recent tumultuous pasts, they desperately struggle to stay on the surface of reality.

In front of a bank in Utah, armed and emotionally numbed, they step out of a Ford Maverick. For what would feel like a split second, in the middle of their final self-annihilating act, one of them sees something he had never envisioned; an awakening?

Mikkel Sommer is a budding Danish comic book artist with a background in animation and advertising. Increasingly spending more time focusing on graphic storytelling he has taken part in a number of prestigious anthologies, including Danish anthology ‘Spirit’ and our very own Graphic Cosmogony and published his own comic ‘Z’ in the Danish Language.

Available titles in this series: