A little bit of France

publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 320x230mm
pages: 78: Hard Cover

Renowned New Yorker cover illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé illustrates the quirky charm of France’s countryside and small towns with his signature style and gentle sense of humor and irony. His drawings are famed for their striking use of pen and ink, their inimitable style, and most of all for their satire and tragicomic vision. The 78 drawings in this charming portfolio are sweet and sentimental. They somehow manage to be gentle even when the topic is difficult. They probe the quirkiness of life in provincial France and wordlessly pinpoint the quintessential features of modern French life, creating a world peopled by bemused psychoanalysts, baffled lovers, dreamy couples, and long-faced aquiline-nosed depressives yearning for universal truths. Not only is the volume a tribute to France, but it celebrates those who are ready to see the comic and lighthearted beyond life’s problems and their own egos.

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