A Family Matter

tekenaar:  Will Eisner 
reeks: A Family Matter 
uitgever: W.w. Norton 
uitgiftedatum: 2009 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
genres: graphic novel

A FAMILY MATTER (1998) is an emotional examination of family relationships and the power of sibling rivalries.

A clan of brothers and sisters gather together to reminisce and celebrate their father's ninetieth birthday. But as the family muses over how to provide for their paralyzed dad, buried feelings of resentment and disappointment emerge. In an atmosphere of animosity and ugliness, hurtful decisions are made and the true disturbing nature of this tattered family becomes exposed.

In the span of twenty-fours hours, the dark family secrets are revealed. Long suppressed memories surface — betrayal, abuse, greed, and worse. The strained family comes together, only to be torn apart.

€ 15,95