Abandon the Old in Tokyo

tekenaar:  Yoshihiro Tatsumi 
uitgever: Drawn And Quarterly 
uitgiftedatum: 01-04-2012 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
afmetingen: 222x163mm  
pages: 224

Abandon the Old in Tokyo continues to delve into the urban underbelly of 1960s Tokyo, exposing not only the seedy dealings of the Japanese everyman but Yoshihiro Tatsumi's maturation as a storyteller. Many of the stories deal with the economic hardships of the time and the strained relationships between men and women, but do so by means of dark allegorical twists and turns. A young sewer cleaner's girlfriend has a miscarriage and leaves him when he proves incapable of finding higher-paying work. When a factory worker loses his hand on the job, the parallels between him and his pet monkey prove startling and significant.

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