artist: Toby Morris
series: Alledaags
publisher: Xtotl Press
language: English
coloring: b&w
size: 190x124x21mm

 "This book, called Alledaags (meaning ‘everyday’), is illustrated by Toby Morris and shows Amsterdam in its full glory. Morris moved from New Zealand to the Dutch capital more than a year ago to work at the studio of Wieden+Kennedy. He was amazed by the quirkiness of the Dutch and their habits and caught them (almost) on a daily basis in hand-drawn black and white illustrations. The result is a book with 333 catchy cartoons that very aptly depict the oddness of Queen’s Day, eating meat out of a FEBO machine, and the incredible amount of bicycles that inhabit the city. The book is a must-have for everyone that wants to learn more about Amsterdam and the Dutch culture. And even if you’ve lived all your life in Amsterdam it is fascinating to see the city through the eyes of Toby Morris. The book – self published – is officially launched at the American Book Center this Saturday, where he’ll be personally signing some copies. Today Morris is already working on a new – equally brilliant – project, called 200 people I used to know. It can be found on his blog (XTOTL)."


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