The Daily & Sunday Strips 1965

artist: Mort Walker
series: Beetle Bailey
volume: 1
publisher: Titan
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
size: 165x209mm
pages: 224: Hard Cover

Set in a fictitious United States Army base called Camp Swampy, based on the army base where Mort Walker was stationed while in serving in the army, Beetle Bailey follows the adventures, or lack of them, of Private Bailey. He is a lazy, bone-idle shirker of almost historic proportions, whose Herculean efforts to avoid work and his eternal quest for sleep are much to the chagrin of his long-suffering nemesis Sergeant Snorkel.

Beetle Bailey is one of the longest running comic strips still being produced by its original creator, Mort Walker. With a huge cast of misfits, geeks, bunglers, deadbeats, screwballs, bullies and dames, Beetle Bailey is one of the most popular and successful cartoon strips of all time.

Produced in collaboration with Walker himself, with strips that have been lavishly restored to perfection, this book collects together all the daily and Sunday strips from 1965, the year when Beetle Bailey hit the magic number of 1000 national newspaper syndications.

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