Beyond Illustration

publisher: Publikat
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 200: Hard Cover

Topic of this innovative book is the emergence of an exciting new genre of illustration and art. This vivid development is reflected in the intense influx of illustrators to the field of art. The interaction of illustration, art and design is not only most interesting but cannot be avoided as a topic of discussion for anyone who is interested in art and design. In great detail Beyond Illustration presents a significant selection of more than 20 of today’s hottest illustrators and artists from all over the world. The book is showcasing a spellbinding mix of styles ranging from modern to traditional that will attract to professionals and newcomers as well.

Beyond Illustration displays the unique work of these persons and their individual viewpoints concerning this upcoming issue. For many postmodern artists there is a fine line between “illustration” and “art” which even disappears occasionally. The traditional definition for illustration as a service product and art as an autonomous project is less and less maintained as a clear borderline. This fact not only attracts many illustrators to the fields of art but makes you also look at their work as pieces of art. In the US we can clearly observe that more and more pieces of work of traditional illustrators are shown in galleries and at art exhibitions. The same phenomenon can be seen in Europe.

Beyond Illustration discusses all aspects and gives an overview about the trendsetters of the “Scene” and in consideration of the fact it is a must-have, not only for creative professionals and students, but also for artists and anyone who has a sympathy for visual language.

This title is the first print-project by the publishers of the ezine castlemagazine. With approximately 30.000 downloads per issue castlemagazine has an undeniable presence in scene and market.

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