Can of Worms

series: Can of Worms
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: two color
size: 228 x 179mm

A thinly veiled autobiographical fiction, Can of Worms is a silent graphic novel in the tradition of Masareel, Ward, and Milt Gross. Upon discovering that she was adopted, Catherine Margaret Flaherty searches for her birth mother. She navigates between bureaucratic sleuthing and her profound need to uncover her history. The beautifully modulated visual rhythms give the narrative a uniquely understated eloquence.

Catherine Doherty was born in Toronto in 1965. Het interest in comics began when she discovered the unpublished work of her father in a metal file box in the basement. She currently lives in California. Can of Worms is her first graphic novel.

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