Cats don't exist

artist: Jis
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 96:

The best-selling Mexican cartoonist JIS (a pen name for Jose I. Solorzano) makes his American debut with this inspired and inspiring slice of psychedelic absurdity. With a childlike mastery of the obvious, an inspired sense of mischief, and hilarious insight into the human divine, Jis' comics at once recall the sensibilities of both Jules Feiffer and Terence McKenna. Deceptively minimalistic, the book collects a handful of comic stories and individual drawings that will nudge the lucky reader gently into a dissonant universe. In the title story, cats replace aliens as bogeymen of the human psyche. "To Our Dear Enemies" is a fulsome thank-you note to censors for infusing boring old sex with such intrigue; "We Woke Up... Married" and "Guilt as an Aphrodisiac" will teach you more about love than Erich Fromm and Barbara Cartland combined; and JIS's epic is "Moons, Loonies, and Angel, which kicks off with the deceptively comforting line, "First, organize your eyes..."

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