Comics journal library
The EC Artists

tekenaar:  Various Artists 
nummer: 8 
uitgever: Fantagraphics 
uitgiftedatum: 13-12-2013 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
pages: 192

The Comics Journal Library Vol. 8: The EC Artists is the first in a two-volume set of interviews with the artists and writers (and publisher!) who made EC great. There are career-spanning conversations with EC legends Will Elder, John Severin, Harvey Kurtzman, and Al Feldstein, as well as short interviews with EC short-timers Frank Frazetta and Joe Kubert. Also: EC Publisher William Gaines on his infamous Senate subcommittee testimony, and probing conversations between Silver Age cartoonist Gil Kane and Harvey Kurtzman, as well as contemporary alternative cartoonist Sam Henderson and Mad great Al Jaffee.

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