Dance Class
African Folk Dance Fever

artist:  Crip 
series: Dance Class 
volume: 3 
publisher: Papercutz 
publish date: 15-11-2012 
edition: 1 
language: English 
coloring: full color 
genres: humour

Julie, Lucy, and Alia are best friends who share the same passion: dance! A new year of classes has begun and this year, in addition to their regular ballet and modern dance classes, the three girls are introduced to a new style of dance—African folk! Powered by deep percussion-based music, this style is unlike anything they’ve ever tried before. While the girls enjoy their new art form, problems at home and in the classroom threaten to cause them to have to stop taking their dance classes. Can the girls balance their studies and their extracurricular activities, or will they have to give up dancing for good?

€ 10,99