Danger Girl
The Ultimate Collection

tekenaar:  J. Scott Campbell 
reeks: Danger Girl 
uitgever: Wildstorm 
uitgiftedatum: 2002 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 

Featuring an introduction from Army of Darkness and Xena actor Bruce Campbell, this action-packed trade paperback weaves a tale of mystical artifacts, international espionage, and world domination. Recruited by the ultra-secret spy group Danger Girl, adventurer Abbey Chase joins Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle, and Silicon Valerie on a quest to recover several magical relics. But as the lethally sexy female operatives attempt to complete their mission, they are challenged by the evil Hammer Syndicate, a fascist organization bent on world supremacy. Included in this Charlie's Angels meets Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure is a stunning sketchbook with running artist commentary.

€ 19,99