tekenaar:  Becky Cloonan 
reeks: Demo 
uitgever: Vertigo 
uitgiftedatum: 2008 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 328

"DEMO altogether is less reminiscent of other comics series than of a thematic rather than continuous-narrative novel, such as John Horne Burns' The Gallery (1947). High praise, maybe, but deserving."—BOOKLIST The Eisner-nominated and critically acclaimed series of self-contained short stories by writer Brian Wood (DMZ, NORTHLANDERS) and artist Becky Cloonan (AMERICAN VIRGIN) arrives in a new edition. Twelve stories of conflicted teens grappling with love, loss, and the joy of finding your own way in life make DEMO a graphic novel not to be missed. 

€ 19,99