Time Clock

volume: 3
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
size: 293mm x 224mmmm
pages: 128:

Leslie Stein returns with the third volume of her series Eye of the Majestic Creature appropriately titled “Time Clock.” Becoming ever more ambitious in her artistic pursuits, our protagonist Larrybear attends her first sand counting convention to debut her new creation, an apple named Ron. There she meets other sand counters — who do exactly what their title implies, count grains of sand in order to make sculptures out of them — for the first time, as well as her new nemesis, the “minimalist “ counter Tim Heerling. Going back and forth between the countryside, where her guitar Marshmallow has begun a pie making business, and New York, where Larry manages a restaurant in Brooklyn, Larry begins to ponder her future. Things go awry when a hurricane hits New York and she is left to her own devices to get through the next night of work, with a packed bar, no food or beverage deliveries, and plumbing problems. To make matters worse, the new job is doing nothing to help Larry’s ever-worsening drinking problem… Stein is a cartoonist whose work is characterized by a unique visual stylization with fantastic elements and thoroughly grounded by a cast of characters who uncannily capture the truth of young, struggling, middle class lives. 

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