artist:  Ted Jouflas 
series: Filthy 
publisher: Fantagraphics 
publish date: 1-1-1999 
language: English 
pages: 80

The apocalyptic Filthy from Ted Jouflas examines everything filthy in the world! From the slime of urban decay to the deforestation of a once pristine Eden; from the garbage barges of old Shanghai to the sewers of Los Angeles; from the bowl of dirty underwear that is the corporate world to the royal media drunk on themselves; this book goes there and wallows in it! Join the fun with a variety of charming characters: the vicious brat Janine De Bleu and her billionaire parents Mumsie and Popsie; her evil cat, Milo Maurice; her little rodent friend, Le Rat; the Slum Boy in the drudlepit and his evil uncle, Skunkle Sneaky! All rendered in Jouflas's striking, hilarious style and written with a perfect rhyme scheme.

"[Jouflas' style] would appeal to fans of Charles Bukowski and William Burroughs." – Library Journal

€ 9,95