series: Forming
volume: 2
publisher: No Brow
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 128: Hard Cover

The long-anticipated sequel that encompasses all; mythology, theology, hermaphrodites, super-alien gods and the simple task of creating the cosmos. Jesse Moynihan‘s trilogy is back on our bookshelves this summer and it’s as exhilarating and immersive as Forming Volume 1. Moynihan, who was nominated for an Emmy Award for his episode “Too Young” in the third series of Adventure Time, delivers fresh doses of humour and visual stimulation like no other.

Civilization, but not quite as we know it, has started to take shape. And now, in the continuing chaos, the world and most of its inhabitants have brandished their swords and, in various fashions, have charged onto the battlefield. If Forming I hailed the birth of civilization and mapped out the genesis of life, mass, time and space, then Forming II is the raging war that ensues in the Universe’s years of adolescence.

Epic confrontations between gods and mutants, philosophical reflections, hilarious dialogue and powerful artwork make for an impressive sequel of galactic proportions. Forming II is as funny, sophisticated and mind-blowingly beautiful as the first part of Moynihan’s unique trilogy.

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