serie: Frank

Artist: Jim Woodring 
Scenarist:  Woodring, Jim / Barnard, Charles
  uitgever: Fantagraphics

Overzicht van de beschikbare titels in deze serie:

Frank in the 3d Dimension

tekenaar:  Jim Woodring 
reeks: Frank 
uitgever: Fantagraphics 
uitgiftedatum: 28-10-2015 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 32

See Frank as you've never seen him before. Frank in the 3rd Dimension uses the most technologically advanced 3D ever produced and is an experience that has to be savored to be believed. The 3-D process involves over 150 layers per drawing in order to round and "sculpt" each image into full 3-D. The results are mind-staggering. Frank in the 3rd Dimension is a series of Jim Woodring's loveliest pictures - 32 vignettes, dioramas and psychedelic moments to be mused and mulled over. Complete with gorgeous Woodring-designed 3-D viewing glasses!

€ 22,99