For the Love of Toby

series: Gary Baseman
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: four color
pages: 50:
genres: artpaintings

Toby is your shadow. Your mirror. Your plaything. Your bosom buddy. Your best friend in the whole wide world. He knows how to push your buttons. And does so freely, with a smile. Toby has a hunger. A hunger for your weaknesses. Building you up to tear you down. And start all over again. Without any malice. Toby likes to play with you.... Let Toby be your crutch. Your drug. He is addicted to your insecurity, but he is as insecure as you. He's nothing unless he's abusing you. Toby loves you. He truly loves you. This little art book features oodles of Toby-themed art by Gary Baseman. Small, softbound, color, with die-cut cover. 

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