Just the Facts: A Decade of Comics Essays

artist:  David Collier 
publisher: Drawn And Quarterly 
language: English 
pages: 96
genres: graphic novel

"[An] assortment of excellent, often memoirish graphic shorts..."
"I'm grateful that a collection of David Collier's stuff has been published. His wildly unpredictable range of interests always make fertile ground for a rich crop of real art."
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library
"...a humorous and nostalgic look at life."
Le Devoir
With his inimitably idiosyncratic approach, David Collier tackles a broad range of subject matter in his first collection, from Thomas Edison's bygone phonograph machines to the lost art of hand-lettered display ads. These strips have been culled from numerous publications, including Drawn & Quarterly, The Comics Journal, and Zero Zero, and they serve as an excellent introduction to the work of this quirky and unusual talent. Features new introduction by the author.
Softcover; 96 pages; First edition. Publication date: October 1998.

€ 11,95