a mice a loveley night

volume: 6
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 120:

This third softcover volume, clocking in at 112 pages, finds Herriman flowering into the peak of his inventiveness, liberated at last from the constraints of his syndicate's chosen format. Gorgeous cartoons are augmented by rare photos of Herriman, rare art (including a strip by Popeye creator E.C. Segar which uses Herriman's stork to announce the birth of his child), and the usual stunning design work by Chris Ware.

"The Krazy & Ignatz books have been a godsend to comics fans... Each book is bizarre, sweetly amusing, and blissfully continuity-free." – "The Best Comics of the '00s: The Archives," The A.V. Club

"This is an undertaking that all fans of comics art should support on principle; more importantly, once you've delved into the strange world of these pages, it's a lot less like homework than it is a romp. Long may the bricks fly." – Metro Times Detroit

"One could argue the claim, confidently, persuasively, and with an all-but-inexhaustible store of ever-fresh evidence, that George Herriman was one of the very great artists, in any medium, of the 20th century." – Michael Chabon

"In truth, nothing less needs to be propped up on the ivory stilts of 'fine art' than Krazy Kat. On a daily basis, in a medium designed to provide simple diversion, Herriman went about his business unpretentiously, seemingly effortlessly, leaving an American masterpiece in his wake." – San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

"Simultaneously simple and profound." – Booklist

"Does the strip deserve its high reputation? Frankly, yes." – The Observer (London)

2004 Eisner Award winner, Best Archival Collection/Project

2004 Harvey Award Winner, Best Domestic Reprint Project

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