The complete dailies & color sundays

artist: Al Capp
series: Li'l Abner
volume: 7
publisher: Idw Publishing
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 272: Hard Cover

Shmoo's Who?! What has been called "the greatest run of Li'l Abner ever" begins with Abner and Daisy Mae on a quest to locate the elusive Stanley Steamer. Meanwhile, Kickapoo Joy Juice prevents atomic disaster, while Fearless Fosdick tackles Anyface and the Chippendale Chair. "Evil Eye" Fleegle and Stupefyin' Jones make their inaugural appearances (not together, thank goodness), and Tenderleif Ericson creates a memorable Sadie Hawkins Day, by Yiminy! But when Abner makes a trip to the Valley of the Shmoon, he finds mankind's greatest benefactor-and mankind's gravest threat!

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